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Property Tax Services

Real Property Tax Review and Appeal

Arizona has one of the most complicated property tax systems in the country. Retaining a local property tax services expert with a clear understanding of these systems is often necessary to effectively lower your property valuation. RLC will review your property valuation with you and field-check your commercial properties to confirm the information reflected in the County records. We value our clients' input and take the time to answer your questions. Communication with our clients is critical to a successful property tax appeal, and the key to our long-standing relationships with our clients.

RLC has the resources and experience to effectively represent our clients in an administrative property tax appeal. We have developed our own state-of-the-art proprietary database and subscribe to sophisticated web-based databases that enable us to bring deep, accurate research to each case. In our long history in Arizona, we have developed professional contacts throughout the local real estate market. Experienced professionals with local expertise matter in a successful property tax appeal.

Property Tax Research

Our property tax services provide our clients with customized research associated with property tax management. Historical reports, surrounding property reports, prospective reports for budget purposes, estimated tax liability on prospective purchases and income analysis are some of the many data reports available through RLC. Extensive databases and creative reporting functions enable our firm to provided analysis for clients in their asset management process. We are available to design reports that help clients manage their commercial holdings.

Business Personal Property

This area of property taxation includes items such as furniture and fixtures, production equipment, leasehold improvements and supplies among others. We provide accurate annual reporting and review previous years' filings for refunds of excessive tax payments. Our property tax services offer peace of mind from audits and ensure you are paying only your fair share of personal property tax.

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